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About Us

O.D.A.T. Recovery Solutions has been formed in group community effort to implement a successful recovery organization for individuals who struggle with addiction. As we all know, our local community is struggling with the support and services to assist with addiction. Individuals in our local community need an effective and safe place to go and people to assist their recovery need. O.D.A.T. is now formed specifically to serve Christian County to successfully support and serve the local community for the extreme needed demand for recovery assistance.

Our main mission and purpose is to effectively serve and support individuals who struggle with addiction that have no help. O.D.A.T. wants to provide services to individuals who are ready and want to recover from addiction. To effectively support these individuals needs and demands for a successful recovery from addiction O.D.A.T. is installing a location and recovery coach in place to be readily available in the local community. Also, not only are we trying to support individuals with addiction we are also trying to effectively support and spread awareness to their families and the local community.

Our staff and organization is proud to represent the local community to serve and support the needs and demands for a healthier way of life.

Meet The Board

Board Members List

Ty Bechel- President

Katie McKenna- Vice President 

Coralynn White- Treasurer 

Bonita Goodwin- Board Member

Brooke Key- Board Member

Richard Hood- Board Member

Michelle Geer- Board Member

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